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    GlenDenning Junior Golf Programs

GlenDenning Golf Academy is proud to support junior golf by providing age/ability appropriate content through a set of modules that are applicable to each level of the program. Each program is designed around age, ability and most importantly, the enjoyment of participation with peers. Junior golfers have the opportunity to develop or improve their skills by progressing through our multi-level system. The junior's progress will be monitored by their instructors to determine the next appropriate level.

Registration Now Available For 2019 Junior Programs

Junior Membership- Boys and Girls ages 10-18

This seasonal play membership combined with an eight-week instructional program will help build golf skills as well as provide more flexibility for play. Juniors have advanced booking privileges, 7 day a week access, and lockers and club storage (based on availability).

2019 Junior Membership Info

Active Fun - Boys and Girls ages 5-9 NEW PROGRAM!!

Designed for younger kids with little or no exposure to golf. Our primary focus is creating an active, safe, environment for learning. This fun, user-friendly 2-week program teaches basic mechanics, fundamentals, golf etiquette and safety practices in an entertaining and engaging way. Fun, golf based fitness activities are integrated into every session in order to help kids develop and understand how a golf swing works. Information and Registration

Active Learn - Boys and Girls ages 8-12 NEW PROGRAM!!

Designed for kids with some basic exposure to playing golf and/or instruction. Our primary focus is creating an active, safe environment for learning. We recommend participants have attended Active Fun Junior Golf, or have some golfing exposure before enrolling in this program. This fun, two week program focuses on developing and expanding on golf-specific fitness activities, skills, knowledge, etiquette and safety practices already learned in Active Fun. Information and Registration

Active Train To Play - Boys & Girls ages 11 - 17 NEW PROGRAM!!

Designed for Junior’s who have played some basic exposure to golf and are ready to play with their peers. This four week informative and entertaining program focuses on building and refining the skills needed to play golf with your friends. Fun, golf based fitness activities are integrated into every session in order to help kids develop and understand how a golf swing works. Swing mechanics, short game skills, safety practices and golf course etiquette are practiced each day, then put into play on the course.

Our Golf Professional will assist the kids on course during the first two sessions to help them integrate what they learn on the practice area. Information and Registration