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Do your wedges lofts compliment your iron lofts?

Most iron sets have a loft progression of 4 - 5 degrees between each club.  Depending on the age of your irons, the loft of your PW can range anywhere between 44-50 degrees.  When your additional wedges follow the natural loft spacing of your irons it is much easier to hit the ball specific distances.  When your additional wedges do not follow the natural loft spacing of your irons, you have to swing easier or harder than normal to compensate for the irregular loft spacing. Generating consistent results this way is very difficult, even for the best players.

 Example of Incorrect and Correct Loft Spacing

Tom has a new set of irons with a 39 degree 9 iron, and 44 degree PW.   He also has 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges.  The loft difference between his PW and his 52 Gap wedge is 8 degrees, which is the equivalent of a two club spacing. When faced with a shot just less than his normal PW distance, he has to either hit his PW really easy, or hit his 52 really hard.   Neither option leads to consistency, as his normal swing has been compromised.   

Changing his wedges so they follow the 4-5 degree progression of his irons will allow Tom to make more short game shots using his normal swing.   In this case Tom would be best served with a 49-54-58 degree set.  This set up would allow him to make his normal swing more often, which will produce more consistent results.

Let us help you find the right mix

If you are not sure what you currently have or should play, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and let him know the make and model of your PW and additional wedges.  He will help you determine the best wedge(s) to compliment your irons.