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Post Rails Between Bunkers and Greens

The area between bunkers and greens receives the most concentrated foot/pull cart traffic of any area on the course. In turn, in these areas the grass is under the most stress and is the hardest to maintain to a high level of playability. Throughout the year we try and manage these areas to make them more playable for all golfers and this takes lots of inputs to accomplish. By the time winter comes these areas are under a lot of stress and do not handle the winter months as well as other areas. In the spring the turf quality in these areas is definitely not as good as other areas surrounding the green. The greens maintenance crew in the spring once the plant is actively growing starts to concentrate their efforts in these areas via spiking, seeding and adding extra fertilizer. In some cases the worst hit areas we need to use post rails to prevent golfers from walking in these areas until they have fully recovered. Please do your part as scholars of the game and please walk around the bunker to get to where you’re going and not between the bunker in the green. Once the Desired turf quality is Accomplished these post rails will be removed but not until then.

Thanks for your understanding.

From your golf course superintendent.